What is British Shorthair

The British Shorthair origins begin with cats imported from Egypt that accompanied the Romans when they invaded Great Britain. Vector control: for food supplies from rodents along the way. When the Romans left, the cats remained behind and changed little over the centuries. Cross were made with the Persian between 1914 and 1918 introducing the longhair gene. BSH almost died out during WW2, victims of food shortage and casualties of war. After the war, the breed was revived with crosses to domestic shorthairs, Russian Blues, and Persians.

British Shorthairs are clam, friendly, affectionate  and enjoying attention in an undemanding manner. Males are big, easy lugs with a happy-go-lucky nature; females are more serious. Both want only to be with their people, not in a lap or being carried around, but next to you.  British Shorthairs are smart, challenge their brains and keep them interested by teaching them tricks. When you are not home, they are satisfied to entertain themselves until you return. 

Welcome Your Kitty Home

Confine the kitten to a small area (bathroom, laundryroom) with food, water litter box, bed, and toys. This allows the kitten to know where his/her essentials are and gives him/her a sense of security. You can bring the kitten out as much as you want, but do not put him/her on the floor and expect it to find the way back to the litter box, always return the kitten back to the small area after you are done playing.  

After 2-3 days and you think the kitten is adjusting open the door to the small area and allow the kitten to come out and start exploring the house on its own, this way they will hopefully know their way back to their area and litter box. The kittens are fully housebroken when you get them, however if not provided with a litter box or they don't know where to find the litter box, accidents will happen. 

Introduce to Other Pets

sometimes a cat that you already have may be upset by a new kitten. To avoid this try putting a little smear of cologene on your finger and rub it on the bridge of the nose below the eyes, but not on the leather of the nose, you might do this to both pets. At first only allow them together in your presence, after a period of time with no problems would allow them to run together in the house without your presence. 


ORIJEN Original Grain-Free Dry Cat Food- Please feed only this brand for the first week (I will prepare a bag for you.) If you want to change to another cat food, blend new food with Orijen after one week and gradually increase new food daily until completely on new food. We feed wet food as a assisted food. Watch to see the kitten is eating food and drinking water the first couple of days. If the kitten does not seem interested in eating, then buy a jar of beef or chicken baby food(not cat food- baby food). Mix one teaspoon of dry food with canned food and offer. GGenerally the baby food have a very strong appealing smell that they just can't resist. Eating and drinking is very important, kittens at this age will dehydrate very quickly. 

I free feed at my home and always have dry food available next to the water. 


All of the kittens will be fully vaccined before go to their new homes. I administer the Felin Rhinotra/Calici/Planleuk all in one vaccine. I use a killed virus which is more conservative than a non-killed. You will be given a Vaccine Record with deworming records. 

DO NOT vaccine for FIP and FeLV. DO NOT allow multiple vaccines on the same day. Always try to find a veterinarian that use only killed vaccines as Ragdolls can have shot reactions and worse, using modified or live vaccines. Your veterinarian will advise you the proper age for Rabies vaccine. 

Bath and Nail Trimming 

It is not necessary to bathe your cat. Your cat should groom itself regularly. Regular bath is not required but regular grooming is. I brush my cats regularly. 

I trim my cats' nails every 4-6 weeks. I use the basic nail cutter (smaller sizes) that you would use to trim your own children's nails. I will trim your kitten's nails and bath them before they go home.