British Shorthaired

kitten can be reserved for a non-refundable $500 deposit, For the non-breeding pet owner, the neuter/spay certificate will be required with a refundable deposit.

Group A: Silver Shaded

$2000 and up

Price assigned individually based on the structure and patterns. 

Group B: Golden Shaded

$2500 and up

Price assigned individually based on the structures and patterns. 

Group C: Unique Colors

$2800 and up

Price assigned individually based on the structures and patterns. 

Group D: Breeding Rights with CFA


Price assigned individually based on the genders. 

Only to approved catteries. 



1. 从卖出的日期开始,此猫带有两年非主观因素保障期(此保障期只限于任何先天性遗传病。)任何意外或者照顾不当导致的猫死亡或者受伤由买方自己负责。L.A. bunny boss Cattery and/or Neil Li, his heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns (hereafter referred to as "seller"), guarantees the health of this cat or kitten for two years from the date of purchase against hereditary and congenital disorders that will interfere with said animal ability to lead a normal life. Seller will replace cat or kitten (hereafter referred to as "cat") dies, when replacement cat or kitten becomes available.

2. 双方承认此猫是健康的,带有疫苗和健康证明。卖方保障72小时全额保障。(在买方带此猫回家的48个小时以内,出现任何亚健康而且并非主观因素造成,卖方承担一切责任。) Seller guarantees the cat will test negative for FELV and FIP if tested by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of possession, seller offers full refund.

3. 此猫一经离开猫舍,买方需检查猫是否有任何外伤(包括但不限于跳蚤,猫藓,任何皮肤伤患问题。)一旦离开猫舍,买方再发现任何外伤,卖方不承担任何责任。At the time buyer takes cat from seller, both buyer and seller agree that said cat is free of any parasites or skin conditions. Seller thereby becomes free of liability from any future outbreak of fleas, fungus, ear mites, worms, etc. At the time buyer takes possession of said cat, all treatments and expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

4. 任何医疗和药物出现的问题由买方和医院自己协商,卖方不负于任何责任。Buyer assumes responsibility for any and all veterinary expenses which are incurred by this cat from the time buyer takes possession of cat.

5. 如果此猫发现被虐待或者不适当的照顾,卖方有权利无条件把猫拿走,不会退款。If this cat is found to be mistreated or neglected purchaser will surrender said cat to seller unconditionally, and no refund will be given. 


一旦此猫离开猫舍,买方不得以任何原因要求退款。如果出现由卖方造成的责任,我们猫舍会重新补给买方一只品相相当的猫。(如果需要运输,由买方承担一切运输费用。)Once a cat leaves our cattery, they cannot be refund for any reason. This policy protects all our cats from picking up something from outside our cattery and spreading it through our colony.

此猫只能是在室内养的,不得散养。此猫必须在6-12个月的时候绝育,不然卖方有权要回此猫。The cat will be kept INDOOR ONLY. This cat must be spayed/neutered between 6-12 months of age, or the spay/neuter deposit will not be refundable.

买方必须同意永远不得以任何原因将此猫爪子拔掉。This cat is never to be DECLAWED for any reason

此猫不得重新出售,如果要转让给他人需让卖方知道。This cat is never to be sold, leased or given away to any pet shop, research lab or similar facility.

任何航空出现的问题卖方不负于任何责任。Any and all shipping and other miscellaneous expenses are the responsibility of the buyer and are non-refund.

卖家不承认也不负责对与此合同之外的任何花费。Seller assumes no responsibility for expenses of any kind not otherwise covered in this contract.

双方同意此合同具有法律效应。Buyer indemnifies seller against legal expenses which may arise as a result of disputes which are covered in this contract.